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The Trusty Servant

Hockley Golf Club’s Logo is a version of the ‘Trusty Servant’, an emblematic figure in a painting at Winchester College – the Club’s landlord - and it is also the name of the College's alumni magazine.

This allegorical beast combines the qualities of the various animals depicted in the Trusty Servant – patience, speed, discretion, faith, hard work and protection.

At the entrance to the Club you are faced with a reproduction of the picture of the ‘Trusty Servant’, along with a Latin inscription and an ‘old’ English translation. 

A trusty servant's picture would you see, 
This figure well survey, who'ever you be. 
The porker's snout not nice in diet shows; 
The padlock shut, no secret he'll disclose; 
Patient, to angry lords the ass gives ear; 
Swiftness on errand, the stag's feet declare; 
Laden his left hand, apt to labour saith; 
The coat his neatness; the open hand his faith; 
Girt with his sword, his shield upon his arm, 
Himself and master he'll protect from harm.

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