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Hockley Golf Club is normally open to Members and Visitors, (but please check under Visitors>Green Fees for specific details).

For daily updates please ring 01962 713165  Option 1. This message is updated early each morning by the Course Manager.
Dress Code

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Hockley Golf Club exists to provide facilities for the playing and enjoyment of the sport of golf. In order to do that we provide the following advice which we believe is suitable for a modern members’ club.

As such we are not overly prescriptive, but do insist that the limited guidelines that we set out are observed.

On the Course

We request that members and guests wear clothing which is appropriate for the playing of golf. Jeans, military style trousers and collarless shirts are inappropriate.

In the Clubhouse

We aim to provide pleasant facilities for members and guests to prepare to play their game and afterwards relax in a comfortable lounge area. In the club lounge we require that smart clean and dry clothing and shoes are worn but that caps and golf shoes are not worn. In the 'Sports Bar' you are able to wear golf shoes.

Enjoy the sport of golf at Hockley

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