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Hockley Golf Club is normally open to Members and Visitors, (but please check under Visitors>Green Fees for specific details).

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Hockley Golf Club is situated on a wonderful piece of land - within the western boundary of the South Downs National Park - and the whole course is designated as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC)

Hockley as a Golf Club was founded in 1914, and has had its Centenary year this year, 2014. The design of the course traces its heritage James Braid who re-modelled and lengthened the course in 1920.

However, the land that Hockley is situated on has links going back to the early settlement of Winchester itself when Winchester was a tribal centre of the Britons under the name Caer Gwent – and traces from before 500 BC can be found on the course. Subsequent Roman settlement – when Winchester was known as Venta Belgarum are also represented on various areas of the course – particularly the areas surrounding – and under – the current 9th green.

More details relating to "Hockley Heritage", the history of "The Club" and the Club logo - "The Trusty Servant" can be found by using the sidebar. There is also a link to information relating to "James Braid".

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